Muscle Building – How to Get Gains?

It’s all about the gains! It’s a well-known fact that all guys like to have a muscular body that they can show off at the beach. Moreover, it’s not just guys. Girls, too are obsessed with fitness and like having muscular abs of their own. This is why all these fitness fanatics slave away at the gym for several hours and try all sorts of exotic diets to become more muscular.

However, there is a correct way to do everything. Making an effort blindly never does anyone any good. You must be aware of the safe and effective way of muscle building to achieve your goals. This is a long process that is a blend of both proper diet and exercise. Therefore, we have rounded up all the finest methods that will teach you how to gain muscles.

Never Skip Breakfast

You must have heard about the importance of eating like a king at breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives you the energy to carry out your daily activities. If you have a healthy and heavy breakfast, then you will have ample energy to last the entire day.

Furthermore, you should opt for adding more calories to your breakfast. You can do this by consuming milkshakes and having at least two eggs. You can become more creative with your breakfast as well and have bacon or other meat products as well. The main idea is to have a healthy and hearty meal that will sustain you throughout the entire day.

Consuming Healthy Fats

Before you become confused, there are two types of fats. Good fats and bad fats, the bad fats increase cholesterol levels and make you gain weight, whereas the good fats do the exact opposite and have a beneficial impact on your body. Healthy fats actually speed up the process of burning the existing fat in your body, and they keep you feeling full for a longer time as well. You can get such fats from fruits like avocados, nuts, and dried fruits.

Frequent Meal Consumption

You need to eat more to build muscle. However, you must do this tactfully because there is a fine line between gaining muscle mass and gaining a protruding belly. You need to consume small and regular meals throughout the entire day. The ideal situation would be having a meal every three hours, and this would allow you to have five to six meals the entire day.

If you have three big meals in the entire day, you will only end up becoming fatter. However, consuming small and frequent meals keeps you full enough to not crave anything unhealthy. Most people who have big meals in a day end up consuming various unhealthy snacks due to the extended gaps in between their meals.

The Power of Protein

Protein is the main ingredient in muscle building, and most of you might already know this. Protein is a macronutrient that we consume in our everyday lives, and it is also the main component of muscles. Therefore, increasing our protein intake will only help us to increase our muscle mass.

However, the timing of protein intake also plays a very important role. It is best to consume protein with every meal, but it is absolutely necessary to have protein after working out at the gym. The reason behind this is that your muscles undergo some serious wear and tear during your training session, and they rebuild themselves after the workout.

Therefore, having a protein-rich meal or having a protein drink after your workout session will allow your body to rebuild the muscles stronger and bulkier than before. This is how you will end up building more muscle effectively and efficiently. You can have protein from fish, chicken, mutton, beef, veal, eggs, legumes, beans, pulses, chickpeas, dairy, and whey.

Adequate Water Intake

Water is of the utmost importance when it comes to building muscle mass. When you work out, your body tends to lose water, and it becomes prone to dehydration. Being dehydrated leads to impaired muscle development, and this results in a delay in achieving your goals. Therefore, you must consume twelve to fourteen glasses of water every day to stay optimally hydrated.

water intake

Sleep is Not for the Weak

You heard it, and we can’t stress enough on it. Building muscle means going to the gym and training hard for extended durations. Furthermore, you have to study or go to work as well, which means you’re exerting a lot in one day. Everyone needs at least seven hours of sleep in a day in order to function properly. If you don’t sleep enough, your body will be exhausted and fatigued, which means hindrance in muscle development.

Muscle Building Workouts

We know you have been waiting for this one, which is why we saved the best for the last. There are various types of exercises; however, everyone knows that weight training is the most common and fastest way of gaining muscle mass. However, you must take things slowly, especially if you are a newbie.

You must set realistic expectations as the process of gaining muscle is a bit of time taking. But having realistic expectations will keep you going strong, and you won’t lose hope in the effectiveness of the process. Furthermore, it is best for anyone lifting weights to avoid doing cardio at the same time as weight lifting as cardio might hinder muscle development.

If you want to perform cardio, then you must have at least a six-hour gap between weight lifting and cardio to maximize your muscle building gains as it is known that cardio burns muscles. You must not overdo your weight lifting either, as any type of excessive physical activity might end up burning your muscle gains.

Final Word

Gaining muscles is a bit of a lengthy process, but it’s worth it. All you need to do is pay attention to your diet and make sure that you work out effectively.

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