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Building muscles require a lot of effort. However, most people assume that muscle building is solely a physical activity, and all you need to do is the workout. While this is partly true, the mental effort that goes into this process is often neglected. You might be surprised to learn that mind and muscle connection is extremely important for ensuring optimal muscle development. Keep reading to learn more about muscle connection with your mind.

What is Mind Muscle Connection?

We’ll explain this to you in the simplest way possible. The connection between muscle and mind is a known effort that is made on an individual’s part in the form of a muscular contraction. This is done by concentrating on creating tension in a specific muscular region while working out.

However, this muscular tension can’t just be created by physical efforts; you need to involve your cognitive skills as well to make your budget. When you use your mental skills combined with your physical prowess, you will see optimal muscle development.

mind muscle connection?

How to Improve Mind Muscle Connection?

Since this is primarily a mental activity, you need to stay clear of all sorts of distractions. You can’t multitask while trying to focus on developing certain muscles since it requires a lot of effort on your part. You should switch off your cell phone, TV and avoid talking to anyone to ensure excellent focus for developing a strong mind-muscle connection.

While we suggest you turn off all sorts of electronic devices, listening to music is a great way to boost your energy levels and increase your focus. You should also learn to take things slow. You need to focus on one muscular region at one time. If you try to connect with all your body parts, your mind will just be all over the place like a smart guide guru.

What is the Point of Mind Muscle Connection?

We will have to go into extensive detail to understand the true importance of forming this mental and physical association. Your body consists of two types of muscles, that are the primary muscles and the secondary muscles.

The primary muscles are the ones that do all the major lifting, whereas the secondary muscles support the primary muscles in their function. The secondary muscles, also known as the secondary movers, are more difficult to engage as compared to the primary movers.

These muscles are small, and they require an additional effort to come into action. This extra push is provided with the help of this connection. Furthermore, most people focus on the amount of weight they can lift, and they end up neglecting the vast range of muscular development.

Lifting the heaviest weights won’t ensure optimal muscle development unless you utilize all the muscles in that region. This broad range of muscular movement is supported by the secondary movers that are triggered into action to form a mind-muscle connection.

Therefore, it means that you could actually lift lighter weights and gain more muscle if you follow this technique. Your physical and mental efforts’ combined function is bound to be more effective than your physical efforts alone. You could also perform fewer reps than before and gain more muscle. All you need to do is create a powerful physical and mental bond.

How to Increase Mind to Muscle Connection?

The human body comprises different muscles, and anyone who works out utilizes these muscles. However, if you form a strong muscle to mind connection, then your workouts would become much easier, and you’ll get highly effective results. We have further mentioned how you can increase your mind to muscle connection according to different muscles.

Mind Muscle Connection Chest

Your chest is a part that needs a lot of work. All guys want you to have a well-built, puffed out chest, and that requires quite some effort. The first thing that you could do is practice flexing your pecs. While a few people might find this embarrassing or disturbing, this is the ideal way to form a mind connection with your chest muscles.

Furthermore, push-ups are the finest exercise to help you focus your attention on your chest muscles. This exercise will enhance your perception of when you contract and relax your chest muscles. Furthermore, you should reduce your pace in between reps so you could feel the relaxation and contraction of these muscles.

Furthermore, when lifting weights, your concentration should be on the muscles that you’re working on instead of lifting the heaviest weights. Chest presses are also an excellent exercise to develop a mental connection with your chest muscles.

Mind Muscle Connection Biceps

Everyone wants big guns in their arms, and we’ll tell you the easiest way to achieve your goal. When you’re using lighter weight, it’s easier to focus on feeling the muscle that you’re working on. When working on your biceps, your focus should be on lifting lighter weights.

The lighter weight you’ll lift, the better you can focus on forming a strong mental and physical bond between your mind and muscles. If you only lift heavy weights, then you won’t have the energy for mental concentration. Furthermore, it will also be easier to focus on your muscular control. Push-ups are a super-effective exercise when it comes to forming a potent mental and physical connection while working out.

Mind Muscle Connection Glutes

We’ve got some super-effective tricks for working your glutes. The first one is practicing squeezing your glutes as much as you can. The easiest way to do this is to stand up and imagine as if someone has placed a piece of paper between your glutes, and now you have to squeeze them as tight as you can to prevent that paper from falling. Talk about using your imagination!

The next practice is thinking of an imaginary ball between both your knees. This exercise is ideal for triggering the connection between muscle and mind in your glutes. It is best if you don’t have an actual ball between your knees, as this makes it easier to create muscular tension.

Mind Muscle Connection Back

Your back needs some love, too, and it might be a bit difficult to do that just by lifting weights. Your secondary movers play a significant role in the optimal development of your back muscles, and this can be done by learning to expand and relax your shoulder muscles. You should really try out scalp pushups as they are a super-effective exercise that activates your back muscle connection to your mind.

Mind Muscle Connection Lats

Your dumb-bells and bar-bells might finally come in handy as using this equipment are perfect for creating the finest mind and muscular connection for your lats.

How to get the Best Mind Muscle Connection with Different Body Parts?

Every body part is composed of different muscles, which makes it different from the others. This association works when a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine transmits a message from the brain to the muscles to cause contraction. Acetylcholine is responsible for making your muscles contract and relax.

Therefore, this proves that your brain actually does have an effect on your muscular movement, and this neurotransmitter is important for the movement of the secondary muscles that are hard to reach by physical activity alone. The best mind muscle connection with different body parts can only be attained when you give individual focus to every muscular region separately.

Is Mind Muscle Connection Important?

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again. Mind and muscle connection is extremely important because it allows you to reach your muscular movement’s potential by accessing the entire range of your muscles, which involves both the primary and secondary movers. Therefore, you need to focus on forming a good connection between the mental and physical aspects of working out to greatly enhance your muscular gains.

Mind Muscle Connection for Growth

Forming a strong mind and muscle connection will definitely increase the growth of your muscles. This connection will make all your muscles work out, which will end up making your muscles grow.

Mind Muscle Connection Benefits

There is an extensive list of benefits that you can make the most of with the help of this simple connection.

A few of them have been enlisted below:

  • You will be able to concentrate much better on the efficient working of your muscles.
  • Workouts will produce more effective results.
  • You will notice a visible difference in the pace of your muscular growth.
  • You will be less prone to suffering from muscular injuries and pain.
  • You will have a better perception of your muscles, and you will have access to a wider range of muscular movement.

Final Word

Contrary to popular belief, forming a sound connection between your muscles and mind is not something that can happen right away. It requires time, practice, and patience. However, if you put in this effort, you will be saving yourself from lifting super heavyweights and performing excessive reps. This means that you will build greater muscles while doing the bare minimum.

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