How to improve your brain with Nootropics supplements|2021

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics supplements are well known to enhance cognitive functions like improving our memory, particularly brain functioning, activity, and motivation Here today I am talking about a very interesting topic How to improve your brain with Nootropics supplements |Side Effect|Advantages 2021?

Are you a nerd, and you want to get Ace in your exams? Are you an older woman that seems to have an issue with her memory? These pills are for you then.

Nootropics are drugs that sharpen your mind and increase the activity of your brain. They are referred to as “cognitive enhancers.” and are available in different forms. They can be Synthetic or natural.

Nootropics are the drugs that exert a positive impact on your brain and help your mind to sharpen. They are medically prescribed to patients that suffer from mental diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s, etc. 

These are the min-boosting drugs or sold for this purpose, but their direct impact is still unknown. Many researchers say that they are safe to use, or some also say that they are useless. But the benefits of nootropics have been proven scientifically that they sharpen one’s mind and increase brain activity. 

What does Nootropics Supplement do?

We can say that Nootropics are natural or synthetic drugs that improve one’s cognitive activity and delay age-related mental disorders.

They protect the brain from physical and chemical injury and slow the influence of toxic environments on the brain. They improve one’s behavior and sharpen memory.

They work in several ways; some, like nicotine, block the brain’s brain receptors, thus improving the mind’s alertness.

At the same time, some that we can say are found in our Tea can increase our brain’s Alpha wave activity and increase its creativity.

Some help protect our brains from oxidation effects and increase brain cells’ strength, while some can enter in brain and link with phosphate and sharpen our memory.

Nootropics also help our brain to manage fight and flight situations and improve mental activity.

Some herbs act as nootropics and prevent anti-inflammatory effects on our brains, improve our brains’ blood flow, and improve mental functioning.

Thus, we can say that nootropics’ working truly depends on what kind of nootropics we are using.

Types of Nootropics:

How to improve your brain with Nootropics supplements |Side Effect|Advantages 2021?
Types of Nootropics: pic created

Ten types of best nootropics supplements are as following:

1.      Caffeine

According to the researchers, caffeine is the most highly used brain sharpening drug in the world.

We can obtain from coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. Even a low dose of caffeine can reduce fatigue and increase the mind’s alertness.

2.      Creatine

It is an amino acid that promotes muscle growth, but it also improves reasoning skills and memory

3.      Panax Ginseng

It is a plant that protects our brain from oxidative stress and inflammation. It also improves long-term memory.

4.      Nicotine

It is found in tobacco. It improves motor functioning of the brain and improves alertness. It is a medicinal drug but non medicated excess use of it can cause lethal effects.

5.      Ginkgo Biloba

It is extracted from leaves by maceration, reduces blood pressure, and helps our brains handle flight and fight situations. It is a brain relaxant.

6.      L-Theanine

It is an amino acid. A low amount of L- Theanine can exert a calming effect on our brain and prevent. It is especially beneficial for those who suffered from muscle fatigue. It is found in Tea.

7.      Bacopa Monnieri

It is an ayurvedic medicine that enhances brain activity. It is considered the most ancient drug used in the Chinese Medicine system to improve mental activity.

8.Amphetamines (Adderall)

It is the synthetic drug that increases the dopamine and noradrenaline level in our brain and improves motor functioning of our brain thus sharpens memory and attention

9.      Phenotropil

It is an over-the-counter synthetic drug. It helps to treat a disease like epilepsy, strokes, etc.,

10.  Rhodiola Rosea

It is considered s an adaptogenic herb that helps our brain to manage stress.

Who uses nootropics?

It is the most common thinking in people’s minds; who uses nootropics? A wide range of people is using it.

As we know, nootropics are increase brainpower. It is recommended to every human being to use either a natural nootropic or a supplement.

It has impressive results on the person. There are several kinds of people who usually take this type of supplement.

Many students have been seen taking these supplements. Because who does not want to get a better GPA. Stimulants are also a part of students, but stimulants are unsustainable compared with nootropics.

Who uses nootropics?
Athletes are constantly looking for ways to get ahead of the competition. Hence why they like to use nootropics.
Who uses nootropics

Nootropics reduce the release of cortisol and increase dopamine production, which eventually helps students better.

Along with students, many other people use nootropics like athletes, artists, competitors, professionals, and people with age over 55 years. Older adults are recommended because brainpower reduces with age.

 Nootropics Advantages:

Nootropics Advantages:
Nootropics Advantages:

Many different categories of people use it. That is why it has many other advantages in every type. As discussed in the last part, students use these supplements to get a better GPA .Nootropic supplements increase cognitive performance, allowing one to be more productive in any job we want to focus on, including the emotionally exhausting task of losing weight.

  • These supplements increase the speed of information processing of learning new things and significantly result in multitasking.
  • It helps in the maintenance of mood for better and sustainable work.
  • In athletes, it increases hand-eye coordination.
  • It reduces stress and improves focus, and optimizes mental energy during challenging situations.
  • In competitors, it supports many different brain chemicals, which help in better stamina.
  • In professionals, it increases productivity by affecting the neurotransmitters.
  • In artists, it increases alertness and motivation for a better quality of work.
  • In people age over 55, it helps with memory loss.
  • It increases motivation towards regular exercise.
  • It decreases physical and mental fatigue.

All of these are the advantages of taking nootropics supplements. It has been seen to be effective in these categories of people.

Nootropics Side effects:

Every kind of drug present on this planet is believed to have side effects along with advantages. Nootropics have side effects of their style. These may vary from person to person.

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 It is not correct to say that all types of nootropics have serious side effects, but if these supplements are used for an extended period, they can lead to addiction, which is terrible for any person. Some of the commonly used nootropics lead to:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Sudden psychiatric symptoms in people having a history of mental illness
  • Withdrawal symptoms

One of the significant side effects is addiction or abuse of these supplements. If they are used for an extended period, then these supplements can be very addictive. If it is appropriately used with care and under the supervision of a nutritionist, it can encourage results. But the condition does not become addicted to it.

Nootropics FAQ

Nootropics FAQ
Nootropics FAQ pic created

Are nootropics safe?

It is a ubiquitous question asked by people who are thinking or trying to start any supplement. They always ask if it’s safe to take this or that supplement. In this case, are nootropics safe?

 Yes! Nootropics are safe to take, but proper supervision is required while taking these supplements. Proper maintenance is needed because of this addictive property. Other than that, it is not wrong to take a nootropics supplement.

You have to take appropriate care and precautions while taking these supplements. Like people tend to take more and more, then it becomes harmful for your health. Otherwise, it is safe to take.

When should I take nootropics?

This question was wandering in your mind from the start of this article. You were wondering when I should take nootropics? Well, the answer is not so simple.

It depends on your schedule. It depends on when you want to feel motivated and anxiety-free.

The best time to take these supplements depends on when you need them. It can be at work when you want to work harder and better than any other person.

Or it can be during the last days of your assignment or exams. That is why according to your schedule.


Nootropics are the ones that help in increasing brainpower. These are present naturally as well as can be prepared synthetically.

There are several types of nootropics. These are used by almost every kind of people, whether students, athletes, or people over 55 years. It has its advantages which are quite promising if taken appropriately.

Along with advantages, side effects have also been seen in different individuals. Addiction is one of the significant side effects.

The good news is that modern nootropics for muscle building will help you improve your brain while still boosting your body’s efficiency.

 That is why nutritionists recommend maintaining a proper check and balance of these supplements to avoid the habit. It is possible to get free from addiction, but patients suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

i hope you read this information and enjoy this article regarding How to improve your brain with Nootropics supplements |Side Effect|Advantages 2021?

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