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To all the guys out there, we know how you’re obsessed with building your abs and bicep muscles, but your lower back needs some love too. We know it’s one area that is usually ignored, but if you knew the advantages of working on it, you would start developing it in a heartbeat.

The lower back is host to the lumbar region, and it happens to be the primary body weight-bearing part of the vertebrae. If you work on your lower back, then you will end up having an improved posture, faster pace and higher athletic capabilities. It will also help with any pain and similar complications in the lower back.

However, it’s not easy to work on this part of the body as the muscles in this area are deeply embedded, and they are surrounded by various muscles. That being said, there are multiple exercises that will surely help you to develop your lower back, and we have rounded up the best ones for you.

The Good Morning Exercise

We know that this is quite a unique name for a workout routine, but it gets its name from the bowing posture during the exercise, which makes one feel as if they are greeting someone by saying good morning to them. However, if you’re not already performing this highly effective exercise, then you’re missing out on a lot! While this exercise might seem a bit complicated and daunting at first, you could get extraordinary benefits from it once you do it in the right way.

If you perform this exercise in the correct manner, you would be doing great benefit to your lower posterior part. This part is specifically referred to as the posterior chain, and it is always beneficial to train it. As the name suggests, you can make the most from this exercise early in the morning, and your back and back is super fresh during the early half of the day.

The Correct Method of Doing Good Mornings

You must adhere to the mentioned steps if you want to perform good mornings accurately. First of all, you need to stand upright with your feet apart. Then you have to place a barbell on your back in a squatting manner. In case you suffer from any back complications, you could set the bar a bit further down on your shoulder to get rid of any excess pressure.

You will now have to bend your knees and lower your body towards the ground while making sure that your spine stays straight. Remember to always use a lightweight to prevent suffering from any injuries.

Regular Deadlifts

Most guys find deadlifts super exhausting and daunting. However, it’s actually really beneficial to try them out every now and then. Deadlifts are one of the finest exercises that help you to make your spine stronger than before. What you really need is the perfect weight along with the correct routine, and you will be blessed with numerous gains.

Deadlifts happen to be notorious for messing up with people’s backs because it’s very easy to perform them incorrectly. People make the most common mistake of adding excessive load, which becomes too much for them to bear at the end of the day. However, if you are successful in performing this exercise in the right way, then nothing can stop you from having the body of your dreams!

The Correct Method of Doing Deadlifts

You will start off with your feet apart, and you will then have to extend your arms to get hold of the bar. You will then get a hold of the bar by stretching your arms away from your legs. You must now bend your hips and knees while keeping your back straight so that you can lift the weight.

You must be mindful of your breathing as well, as this is when you must inhale inwards to strengthen your core. You can then let go of the bar and rise up while maintaining your feet on the ground. You will then have to extend your hips so that you can lift the bar. You will now be in a position where you stand straight while clenching your hip muscles. Once you’re done, you can let go of the bar or lower it.

Strengthening Cable Pull Throughs

This exercise especially works for putting your hip hinge in motion. This exercise is mainly focused on your lower body, which includes the spine, glutes and hamstrings. If you put these muscles into your work, your body will end up becoming stronger than before.

Moreover, most people suffer from a common condition where their flexor muscles end up becoming short due to sitting for a major part of the day. And when this happens, they often end up pulling on their spine, which results in a throbbing pain in the lower back. Since this exercise gives enough room for the flexor muscles to be completely stretched out, it wards off any sort of lower back pain.

The Correct Method of Doing Cable Pull Throughs

You will first have to fix a rope handle to a cable pulley. Now you must stand on the opposite side of the machine. You must increase the space between your thighs to such an extent that it adjusts the rope handle in the middle of the thighs. You will have to bend your knees, as well as keep your arms extended forward. If you keep your posture straight, you can easily open your hips to make room for the rope to pass through it.

Final Word

While many people tend to ignore their lower back, working on this neglected area will not only improve your muscular gains, but it will give you the strength to perform complex workout routines easily with the help of a super supportive and well-developed lower back.

Your lower back is responsible for carrying your body through thick and thin, and developing it will not only prevent you from getting future injuries, but it will also release the tension in the lower torso and improve lower back pain.

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