5 Rear Delt Exercises for Strong and Durable Shoulders

Believe it or not rear delt exercises are essential for you as most people often focus on their abs and glutes, and they usually don’t pay attention to other parts of their body. Among them, one of the most common ignored areas are your shoulders. So, we have just the right tips for you to build stronger muscles using the rear delt exercises.

While there are several exercises that can help with working on your shoulders, most of them are quite complex or intense, and they can lead to shoulder injuries. Therefore, it’s usually recommended to focus on your rear delts if you really want to have stronger shoulders. 

The posterior deltoid acts like a back muscle, and it helps to increase the muscular strength of your shoulders in a stable manner. Therefore, we have rounded up the five best rear delt exercises that can do wonders for your shoulder strength and improve your posture as well. 

Here are the best rear delt exercises

Cable High Pulley Lateral Extension

This workout is famous for the term of a wolverine as well because it’s among the finest workouts for your back. This exercise includes numerous muscles, including the lats, rhomboids, rear deltoids and the middle and lower traps. This also helps to extend to the upper arm. 

You must always remember the primary functions of the rear delts, which are extremely important for boosting your shoulder muscle development. Therefore, you must focus on their development which can be done by performing three sets of this workout at least ten times in each set. 

You will need a cable station pulley for this workout as well, and you have to remove all attachments from it. You should also take off the metal hooks. Now place the pulley at the highest arrangement that is best suited according to your height. Then hold the ends of the pulley in the form of a ball. 

Now you will hold the left and right corners of the pulley with the opposite arms. You should then stand in the form of a square and stretch out both your arms diagonally. You need to retain this position for one second and squeeze the muscles of your upper back as this will produce much-needed tension. You can then go back to the original position. 

Band Face Pull

The Band Face Pull exercise is extremely beneficial for improving your shoulder strength because it involves the movement of various rear deltoids, such as the rotation of the upper arm bone along with horizontal abduction. The band used in this exercise is also super effective for producing tension that stimulates the back delts and the upper back. 

This workout also serves as a brilliant warm-up exercise before you start with your intense training session. You should ideally incorporate two sets of this exercise with fifteen reps each.

You can easily perform this workout by first tying a mildly resistant band to a fixed and stable surface, so it doesn’t move from its place. Then you will hold the band with your hands and apply a split or a square position. Then you will move your arms backward while having your elbows above your shoulders. At this point, you need to rotate your shoulders. 

Dumbbell Bent-Over Reverse Fly

The Dumbbell Bent-Over Reverse Fly exercise is also quite effective in enhancing your shoulder strength. The bent-over pose is ideal for placing the back delts at the perfect angle to create tension against gravity that will stimulate your posterior muscles. This workout is extremely beneficial, and you must perform three sets of this exercise for at least fifteen reps. 

You can perform this workout by holding dumbbells and then standing in a squared stance. Your feet should be maintained at a shoulder’s distance. The dumbbells should then be right beneath your chest, and you should bend your elbows. 

Then you will lift your arms sideways in a way that they become parallel to the floor, and you will only move your shoulders at this point. Now you have to squeeze the muscles of your upper back and hold this pose for a few seconds. Then you will bring the dumbbells back to the starting point as well. 

Seated Cable Rope Face Pull

This workout routine resembles the Band Face Pull exercise very closely. That being said, this exercise has more room for horizontal abduction along with your shoulder’s external rotation. You can also use bigger loads. In case you don’t have a seated cable pulley station, you can pretend that you are in a standing stance like you were with the Band Face Pull workout.  

You should try this workout in at least three sets with a minimum of fifteen reps in every set. It will have an amazing impact on your upper back and shoulders. You can easily perform this workout by attaching a rope to a seated cable station. If you don’t have the station, then you can improvise by joining it to a cable pulley. 

Now you have to sit straight and bend your knees a bit. You should stand in the way that’s most comfortable for you. Then you should hold the rope, and there should be no space between your fingers. Then you will move your arms backward pull the center of the rope towards the top. You need to do all of this while retaining your arms above your shoulders. 

You will then have to move your shoulders externally. This workout won’t be complete unless you tightly squeeze the muscles of your upper back for a few seconds and then hold this pose. 

Wide Grip Inverted Row

The Wide Grip Inverted Row is an excellent exercise; however, most fitness enthusiasts find it daunting and usually avoid this workout routine. This exercise is one of the finest ways to enhance your shoulder strength, and it should definitely be a part of your regular workout program for optimal shoulder development. 

This exercise has a low variation that puts great focus on the delts in your lower back. It also helps to improve your posture by creating tension in your upper back. The primary function of this exercise is the horizontal abduction of the upper arm bone. You should start this exercise using your body weight, and you can then add some weight if needed. 

You can take this workout up a notch by lifting your feet up a bit using a step or a bench. In case you find it hard for your legs to be completely stretched out, you could resort to bending your knees. This workout is most effective if it’s performed in three sets with a minimum of ten reps. 

This exercise is performed by using a barbell. You could also make use of a Smith machine barbell. You will start by positioning yourself facing upwards and placing the barbell on top of your chest. Then hold the barbell in such a way that it creates a right angle with your elbow. 

Then you have to retain the elbows at shoulder levels and try to pull yourself up. You will keep pulling till you reach the point where your breast bone is about to touch the bar. You should try your very best to maintain a straight line from top to bottom. You will then release gradually till your elbows are completely stretched out. 

How do I make my rear delts bigger?

You can make your rear delts bigger by adding more weights to your rear delt exercises, and you need to focus on workouts that stimulate the rear muscles. You could make use of all the exercises mentioned above, and they will help to build your rear deltoids. 

Why are my rear delts so small?

Your rear delts are small because you pay more focus on your pecs, abs and biceps. Rear delts will only increase in size if you perform exercises that will help them grow as well.

Are rear delts hard to grow?

It’s not that difficult to grow your rear delts. However, you need to make sure that you’re doing the right thing. This means you need to use ample weights and reps to help increase the size of your delts. However, using too many weights can be bad for your delts. 

How often can I train rear delts?

You should train your delts at least three times a week. You can also train them up to five times per week once you get the hang of their workouts. 

Can you train rear delts every day?

You can train delts every day but only if you have been practicing for some time. Otherwise, it will lead to muscle injury and strain. Just follow our rear delt exercises tips and you will be safe!

  1. Final Word 

Building shoulder strength isn’t too hard, and you just need to pay attention to the workout routine and use ample weights to help build your muscles. However, one of the main factors for ensuring optimal shoulder muscle workout is your grip. You must ensure that you have a strong and tight grip while working out since it will determine how much tension will be created that is needed for building muscles

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